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December Graduation


Dora Gosselin

The impact of unpredictability on gait biomechanics and mobility-based participation in children with cerebral palsy.

Primary supervisor: Professor David Baxter

Emily Gray

Engagement in physical activity during the first three months following coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Primary supervisor: Dr Margot Skinner

Rani Othman

Profiling sensory phenotypes in individuals with persistent musculoskeletal pain

Primary supervisor: Dr Ram Mani

Masters by thesis

Celia Monk

Physiotherapists supporting self-management in people with low back pain
Primary Supervisor: Dr Meredith Perry

David Williams

STARTBack and low back pain
Primary Supervisor: Professor David Baxter

August Graduation

Miranda Buhler

The impact of base of thumb osteoarthritis and the effectiveness of orthotic management.

Primary Supervisor: Dr Cathy Chapple

Suranga Dassanayake

Risk of obstructive sleep apnoea in poorly controlled hypertension – a study of two population groups.

Primary supervisor: Dr Margot Skinner

Zohreh Jafarian Tangrood

Exploring the effect of shoulder passive mobilisation on shoulder function, pain and muscle activity levels in patients with shoulder disorders.

Primary supervisor: Dr Daniel Ribeiro

Rob Moran

Musculoskeletal injury prediction in high intensity strength and conditioning athletes.

Primary supervisor: Prof John Sullivan

Sarah Rhodes

Can physical activity intervention in combination with text messaging improve quality of life through increased functional exercise capacity and enhanced exercise self-efficacy in adults with obstructive sleep apnoea?

Primary supervisor: Dr Margot Skinner

Lara Vlietstra

Screening and treating pro-dromal sarcopenia in middle-aged adults


Carrie Falling

Persistent musculoskeletal pain among individuals with immune-mediated chronic inflammatory conditions.

Read more about Carrie Falling

Primary supervisor: Dr Ram Mani


Abdullah Alqarni

Knowledge translation of clinical assessment of pain mechanisms in to clinical practice.
Primary supervisor: Dr Ram Mani

Ally Calder

Access to physical activity for men following stroke.
Primary supervisor: Dr Hilda Mulligan

Donald Manlapaz

The use of Nintendo Wii Fit™ in improving falls risk, balance and adherence to exercise in patients with Knee Osteoarthritis.
Primary supervisor: Dr Cathy Chapple

Normala Mesbah (Graduated)

Postural stability in older adults with early diagnosed Alzheimer's disease.
Primary supervisor: Professor Leigh Hale

Kesava Sampath

Thoracic spinal manipulation and short-term changes in the activities of (1) hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis (i.e. HPA-HPG axis) and (2) the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Is that a potential viable treatment option for people with chronic pain?
Primary supervisor: Dr Steve Tumilty


Codi Ramsey

The influence of asymmetric footwear on overuse running-related injuries.
Primary supervisor: Dr Daniel Ribeiro

Angela Spontelli Gisselman

The role of heart rate variability indices in prevention of musculoskeletal overuse injuries in collegiate athletes.
Primary supervisor: Prof David Baxter

Ricky Bell

Huarahi Hauora – Identifying a pathway forward to wellness for Māori: an investigation of the association between BMI, body image and their relationship to improved health.
Primary supervisor: Dr Steve Tumilty

Mandeep Kaur

Long term outcomes of ACL reconstruction more than 2 years following injury.
Primary supervisor: Dr Gisela Sole


Priya Kannan

Effects of exercise and aerobic training on menstrual pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea: A randomized controlled trial
Primary supervisor: Dr Cathy Chapple.

Parimala Kanagasabai

Participation of children with physical disability in leisure activities in New Zealand.
Primary supervisor: Dr Hilda Mulligan.


Suliman Almansi

Feasibility of pedometer-driven walking to promote physical activity and improve health-related quality of life among meat processing workers.

Arun Balasundaram

Exploration of the factors that influence the reporting of postconcussion-like symptoms during daily life activities and following exercise or sports participation.

Susan Baxter

Tailored exercise interventions for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Abdulkareem Diab

Body composition: balance in older adults with Parkinson's disease.

Aleksandra Macznik

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the sports injury setting: acupressure for pain relief in acute sports injuries.

Poonam Mehta

To investigate minimum clinically important changes (MCIC) of pain intensity and functional outcome measures in patients with chronic neuropathic pain.

Stanley Winser

Reliability and validity of outcome measures for the assessment of balance in cerebellar ataxia.


Ashok Arumugam

Risk for hamstring injury and neuromuscular control of the hamstring muscles

Lynne Clay

Psychosocial risk factors for quad bike accident among rural workers in New Zealand.

Prasath Jayakaran

Postural Responses to functional tasks in persons with transtibial amputations secondary to diabetes and peripheralvascular disease

Lesley Ward

The feasibility of yoga practices for the management of chronic pain.


Osman Ahmed

The Development of an early education programme for adolescents with concussion

Ramakrishnan Mani

Does all terrain vehicle vibration (ATV) influence postural control in New Zealand farmers?

Daniel Ribeiro

The effectiveness of the spineangle as a real time biofeedback device for modifying trunk posture during daily activity.


Alireza Hashemi Oskouei

Hand grip force, forearm surface EMG, and forearm surface dimensional changes; their reliability and predictive relationships

Cathy Chapple

What prognostic variables indicate a good outcome at 1 year for patients with OA knew following physiotherapy treatment?

Chris Sole

Exploring a model of footwear asymmetry on heel-raising performance and postural stability.

Daniel Pinto

Cost consequences analysis of physiotherapy in the management of hip or knee osteoarthritis

Jaya Pal

Exploring falls in people with intellectual disability


Sridhar Alla

Development and validation of the Otago post-concussion return to play symptom based exercise assessment tool.

Paul Hendrick

The predictive relationship between physical activity and functional recovery in an acute low back pain population

Meredith Perry

Measurement and perceptions: Physical activity in people with low back pain.


Pattariya Intolo

Lumbar and hip kinematics and the development of low back pain

Hilda Mulligan

Promotion of physical activity for individuals with neurological disability

Poonam Pal

The influence of skill and low back pain on peak and cumulative spine loads during wool harvesting

Cath Smith

How does exercise influence fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis?

Joanne Smith

Massage therapy services for health needs: drivers, utilisation, culture of care, and practice patterns of massage therapy in NZ

Steve Tumilty

Low level laser therapy for the treatment of tendionopathy with emphasis on the Achilles tendon

Alexis Wright

Prognostics factors associated with recovery of osteoarthritis of the hip


Neetu Rishiraj

Efficacy of functional knee bracing - adaptation phase: A possible step in prevention of knee injuries.

Stuart Horton

The influence of chair backrest inclination and lumbar support on resting head and neck posture in sitting.

Malcolm Neall

Measurement of quality of life in New Zealand adults and adolescents with cystic fibrosis.

Anirban Banerjee

Short-term changes of the sagittal curvature and ranges of motion of the thoracolumbar spine in young adult females.

Jaber Abou Hassan

Do recommended postural modifications reduce kinematic loading during the required stooped postures of Islamic Prayer.


Gisela Sole

Neuromuscular control of thigh and gluteal muscles following hamstring injuries.

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