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As part of the School of Physiotherapy's "staircasing" options, students can complete any or all of the following qualifications endorsed in Neurorehabilitation, i.e. enrolment in Certificate, Diploma then Masters, or directly into the Masters.

Please note that a B grade average or above is required in the first four papers for students to progress to the Masters level papers.

Postgraduate student profile

Kathy Dwyer leans on an ornamental plinth with a potted plant.Christchurch physiotherapist Kathy Dwyer was able to tailor her Otago master's degree to suit her work with clients with spinal cord injury.

“I was concerned about the time commitment and I was nervous about studying after such a long time, so I put a toe in the water at certificate level. The first paper was a steep learning curve but it set me up well. As a working clinician, I had questions I hadn't had time or opportunity to really examine. I wanted to keep my practice relevant and current.”

Read about how Masters study helped Kathy keep her clinical work current and up to date with best practice

Line of study for part time, distance taught programmes

For full time study options please contact:

The Academic Administrator

Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Neurorehabilitation)

  • PHTY 501 Biomedical Science in Physiotherapy (Semester 1)
  • PHTY 535 Neurorehabilitation (Semester 2)

Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy (Neurorehabilitation)

Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Certificate, students can staircase to the Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy:

Masters of Physiotherapy (Neurorehabilitation)

Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma, with a B grade average or above, students can staircase to the Master of Physiotherapy

Paper options

You may also consider replacing PHTY 545 with a different paper offered by the School of Physiotherapy or from another Department:

  • MSME Musculoskeletal Medicine (MSME701-MSME711)
  • OCCH Occupational Health (OCCH401-OCCH402)
  • PAIN Pain Management (PAIN701-PAIN703)
  • PUBH Public Health (PUBH701-PUBH709, PUBH721-PUBH722)
  • REHB Rehabilitation (REHB701-REHB715)
  • SPME Sports Medicine (SPME701-SPME711)

Find more information on each of these papers
Note: This list is not exclusive

Optional paper must be approved by the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Studies, School of Physiotherapy.

Contact us

To find out more about paper options, contact:

Academic Administrator

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