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Our undergraduates contribute in many ways to the research produced within CHARR. Physiotherapy undergraduate students contribute in a variety of ways through involvement in honours projects, 4th year group projects, and summer studentships.

Here we outline the work of our 2018 Honours and Summer Students.


2018 Honours students

2018 marked a very proud year for our Honours students. All of our students have graduated with 1st Class Honours. With special note mention to Abbey Patterson, who is our first Māori honours student.


Shea Hickman: Delivery of exercise for people with Parkinson's Disease through a small group approach

Maxine Shanks: Inclusion of demographic data in the SCAT/Child-SCAT

Samara Fox: Navigating life-style change: experiences of young stroke survivors

Ciaran Mahood: Overcoming fear of re-injury after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Abbey Patterson: The effect of high dosage inferior shoulder mobilisation on shoulder and scapular muscle activity: A repeated-measures study on asymptomatic individuals

Sarah Martin: Exploration of perceptions of physiotherapists' about patient self-management principles and their implementation in an acute cardiothoracic setting

Karla van der Walt: How often does the neck contribute to persistent post-concussion symptoms?

2018 Summer students

Summer studentships provide a great opportuntity for our undergraduates to gain experience of the research world.


Kirsty Caneda: Concurrent validity of an app-based measure of dynamic ankle stability compared to established measures'
Supervisor: Cathy Chapple.
Funded: OMRF

Sadhana Ravichandran 'Immediate and long-term clinical outcomes of the Dunedin Community Exercise Programme CEP: A multi-wave follow-up study'
Supervisor: Prasath Jayakaran.
Funded: OMRF

Jana Becker 'Appropriate use of the pain neurobiology-related taxonomy in scientific and publicly available literature: a qualitative content analysis'
Supervisor: Ram Mani.
Funded: Pain@Otago Summer Studentship

Olivia de Ronde 'Musculoskeletal Implementation'
Supervisor: Dan Ribeiro.
Funded: HRC Hercus

Salote Makasini 'Perceptions and stories of post stroke self-management in Pacific Island stroke survivors in NZ'
Supervisor: Leigh Hale
Funded: CHARR Pacifica Summer Student.

Puawai Shortland 'Māori and access to physio for OA of the knee'
Supervisor: Cathy Chapple
Funded: CHARR Māori Summer studentship.

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