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In your first year, you must take the University of Otago Health Science First Year (HSFY) programme.

This is a prescribed set of seven papers designed to provide a broad understanding of the scientific principles and communication skills which will underpin your further studies in health science.

About Health Sciences First Year

Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) is a foundation year for all five professional programmes: dentistry, medical laboratory science, medicine, pharmacy, and physiotherapy.

HSFY is:

  • Only available at the University of Otago
  • To be completed in its entirety in the first year of your university study
  • Made up of seven compulsory papers plus an optional eighth paper in Semester Two
  • A busy year, with a timetable that includes lectures, tutorials, laboratories, assignments, tests, and readings every week

HSFY papers

HSFY has seven compulsory papers:

These compulsory papers:

  • Cover a wide range of fields in science and biological science
  • Are taught by staff from departments across the University of Otago
  • Give a strong foundation in the biological sciences
  • Teach you about how the normal healthy body functions at various levels: from the physical, chemical, biochemical, molecular, and cellular levels, through to functional organ systems, and factors affecting health and disease in human populations

Please note:

  • All HSFY students will be required to pass a compulsory English diagnostic test in Semester One
  • Students who do not pass the test will be required to take ENGL 128 English for University Purposes in Semester Two
  • HSFY students who are not taking ENGL 128 English for University Purposes can take an optional eighth paper in Semester Two

Further information and how to enrol

HSFY should be your first year of university study. You are strongly advised to contact the Health Sciences Admissions Office if you are considering tertiary study before enrolling in HSFY, as failure to do so could jeopardise your enrolment into this course.

The Division of Health Sciences website has further information about the Health Sciences First Year, including who to contact and how to enrol.

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