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Aditya Sharma.
Aditya Sharma


Physiology satisfies Aditya Sharma's thirst for knowledge about how the human body works.

Aditya, a top student in his class, chose physiology because it is the main component of medicine, teaching how body parts fit together, and delving into the body's initial growth as well as its molecular activity.

Physiology explores how the human body works and what goes wrong when disease occurs. Aditya says this exciting and challenging field is full of new discoveries: satisfying his curiosity for in-depth knowledge of how the body functions. And, because progress in medical knowledge arises from physiology, it's a sturdy launch pad for his ultimate career choice of cardiology.

Now in his third year and a top student in his class, 19-year-old Aditya finds the Physiology Department helpful and organised.

"Regular tests and assessments mean you're really well prepared for exams, but the hard work is balanced with departmental social activities, including a get-together party at the end of the year.

"The lecturers are more like friends, they're very supportive. You can email them with a question in the morning and you'll get a response back that afternoon."

Born at Pune, a city near Bombay, India, Aditya immigrated to New Zealand with his parents and brother five years ago.

He chose Otago University because it would provide him with a strong pathway in the professional health sciences.

"It's also quiet and homely, and everyone is so friendly - if you are a student you can get to know everyone."

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