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Postgraduate students

  • Phoebe Adler

    Transient receptor potential vanilloid channel heteromerisation

  • Jekhan Andimadam Madana Saravanan

    Smart bioscaffolds for cardiovascular tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

  • Elijah Atta Manu

    Investigating the mechanisms of how a-ENaC inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation and migration

  • Kyra Bingham

    Influence of epicardial adipose tissue on cardiac arrhythmias

  • Joan Chan

    The role of ryanodine type II receptors in Alzheimer's disease

  • Wey Qi Chin

    The role of the alpha-epithelial sodium channel in breast cancer

  • Elena Cruz

    Determining the functional effect of phosphorylated Calsequestrin Type II

  • Matthew Logue

    Calcium-sensitive potassium channels

  • Daniel Lyth

    Investigating if fructose could also effect the pancreatic beta cells

  • Swati Rana

    Lymphatic endothelial cell dysfunction in mediating diabetic heart diseases

  • Matthew Reily-Bell

    Investigating CRISPR/Cas13 mediated knockdown of microRNA

  • Elliot Sibbles

    How CSQ2 glycosylation influences heart failure and arrhythmia

  • Devin Tonkin

    MicroRNA therapeutics in chronic heart failure

  • Lijo N Varghese

    Understanding the role of microRNAs in age-associated cardiovascular diseases

  • Chris Veitch

    Investigating the cardiac effects of diabetes mellitus

  • Maddy Williams

  • Logan Wragg

    Understanding the roles of progesterone in maternal behaviour

  • Shao Zheng

    CRH neuronal activity

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