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Three Minute Thesis montage
Scenes from the Three Minute Thesis competition.

The postgraduates are taking over…

In August Otago University celebrates Graduate Research Month, during which research students doing PhDs or Masters are feted and honoured as a vital and vibrant part of University life.

It's a time to mark their achievements and marvel at their accomplishments through events such as the Three Minute Thesis competition.

Postgraduates also take time this month to thank their supervisors, with the Supervisor of the Year competition, and a variety of events take place either for postgrads or showcasing their work.

This year Otago postgraduate programmes will take over the heart of the University, The Link, for a day on August 20, so potential postgrads can find out more about the opportunities and qualifications available to them.

A series of speakers that day will outline the benefits of postgraduate study, while existing research students will display their work in a poster competition.

If you are interested in postgrad study at Otago, take the time during August to find out more.

More details will become available on the Graduate Research School section of the website as the time nears.

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