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PhD GownWednesday 6 July 2016 7:54amThe Otago Post issue 8

Queenstown panorama.
University of Otago Master of Entrepreneurship programme in Queenstown

From this month business people and aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to complete a University of Otago Master of Entrepreneurship programme in Queenstown.

Earlier this year the University's School of Business reached an agreement with Queenstown Resort College enabling it to utilise facilities there, providing Otago's tourism researchers with a perfect location for their work.

This also enables the School to bring the Master of Entrepreneurship programme to the region, which is home to many small businesses and aspiring business owners.

The Master of Entrepreneurship degree is a three-semester qualification, with students studying seven taught courses in the first two semesters (the Postgraduate Diploma level papers) and then completing a practicum (the Masters component) anywhere in the world, with the help of an academic supervisor in the third semester.

Classes are taught in intensive three-day block courses which take place every six weeks. This system allows students to work on their assignments in between classes and enables them to apply their learning directly to the new businesses they are developing, while international students are able to work for up to 20 hours a week in local businesses. 

For more information visit: Centre for Entrepreneurship

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