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Friday 11 March 2016 1:51pm

Alan Musgrave
Alan Musgrave and James Darcy

The first Alan Musgrave Scholar has arrived on campus and is already hard at work.

American student James Darcy won the inaugural Alan Musgrave Masters Scholarship in Philosophy, and will spend the next year studying a view in the philosophy of time known as “presentism”.

Supervised by Associate Professor Heather Dyke and Dr Zacj Weber, Mr Darcy will look at what the motivations are for that view, how they hold up under scrutiny, and the relationship between “presentism” and common sense.

Coming from a small Minnesotan university, St Johns, Mr Darcy is already enjoying the resources of Otago, especially the library, and says he expects his Otago Masters will be a “big boost” to his long-term goal of a PhD in Philosophy and a teaching career.

He's also, with his fiancée, been making time to enjoy the other benefits of Otago, including attending the recent All Blacks game, and visiting Fiordland.

The legacy of renowned Professor Alan Musgrave is celebrated by the annual scholarship, which covers either an MA by thesis or a BA (Hons) followed by thesis.

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