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Clocktower. Monday 16 June 2014 3:17pmThe Otago Post Issue 8

If you're thinking of postgraduate study at Otago or are already here but need some support, here are two new faces fresh to the ranks of the postgraduate support team available.

Photo of Anaru Eketone.
Anaru Eketone
Māori Postgrad support advisor

Anaru Eketone, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Gender and Social Work, has been appointed part-time as the Māori Postgraduate support advisor. He takes over the role from Anne-Marie Jackson and Darnell Kennedy and will continue the development of their programme supporting Māori postgraduate students.

So, if you have some ideas on what that programme could look like, or if you need some extra support or someone who might be able to advocate on your behalf, contact Anaru on

Photo of Claire Gallop.
Claire Gallop, Manager,
Graduate Research Services

Graduate Research Services grew recently with the addition of Manager, Claire Gallop. Claire's role is to provide a support service to thesis Masters' candidates and supervisors, and manage various other projects relating to thesis candidates including the Postgraduate Publishing Bursary scheme. She has been busy lately helping to coordinate the upcoming Graduate Research Month.

Email Claire at

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