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Friday 11 March 2016 1:59pm

The University of Otago's Summer School contains eight papers at postgraduate level and runs between January 7 and February 21 next year.

Summer School provides an intense quality education, teaching regular papers in six weeks instead of 13, and is offered on three of Otago's campuses.

The postgraduate papers are:

  • HEIX 701 Essential Information Management Skills (taught by distance)
  • PSMX 429 Suicidal Behaviours, Research, and Prevention (taught at Auckland)
  • LAWS 475 Special Topic 6: Issues in Contract Law (taught at Auckland)
  • LAWS 476 Special Topic 7: Understanding Judges (taught at Auckland)
  • LAWS 471 Special Topic 2: International Trade Regulation (taught at Wellington)
  • LAWS 487 Special Topic 16: Intercultural Leadership (taught at Wellington)
  • LAWS 479 Special Topic 10: The Rights and Well Being of Children (taught at Dunedin)
  • LAWS 486 Special Topic 15: Forensic Law (taught at Dunedin)

A variety of other papers are available, which you can find on the Summer School website.

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