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A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


Close date
Saturday, 21 March 2020
Academic background
Health Sciences
Host campus
PhD, Master's
Preventive and Social Medicine (Dunedin)
Dr Helen Harcombe, Professor Sarah Derrett


This is one of a range of injury-related topics we currently have available using data from the Health Research Council-funded Subsequent Injury Study. These include areas involving: costs of injury, specific types of injury (e.g. head injury), different mechanisms of injury (e.g. sport, motor vehicle), particular settings (e.g. home, road) or specific risk factors (e.g. alcohol, psychological, socio-demographic). A focus could also be on the Māori cohort (n=566) or on the Pacific cohort (n=239).

Funding for Masters fees may be possible.


Dr Helen Harcombe
Tel +64 3 479 9092

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