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A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


Close date
Sunday, 1 December 2019
Academic background
Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities
Host campus
Preventive and Social Medicine (Dunedin)
Dr Rebecca Brookland, Associate Professor Sue Crengle


Several project opportunities exist with the Transport, Mobility and Health Research Team in the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, as part of the Older Driver Cohort Study Predictors and impact of driving cessation on older adults and whānau / families.

This Older Driver Cohort Study, funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand, is a prospective cohort study of drivers over 65 years and family members. It will examine individual and family factors associated with driving self-regulation and cessation, and assess the impact of these changes on social, psychological, health and mobility outcomes.

Further details

Almost half of older Māori live in semi urban ('independent urban') and rural areas [1], and very little in known about their driving and transport practices. We need to understand their mobility needs to ensure policies and programmes cater for an increasing population of older Māori.

This master's project is to review the research literature in this area and use data collected from the Older Driver Cohort at baseline to:

Describe the driving patterns, transport needs and driving cessation planning of older Māori drivers.


  1. Ministry of Health. 2012. Mātātuhi Tuawhenua: Health of Rural Māori 2012. Wellington: Ministry of Health


Rebecca Brookland
Tel +64 3 479 8503

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