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Halfway to Africa: A novel

In the language of flowers, the iris signifies 'I have a message for you'. As a symbol it was the fleur-de-lys of the royal family of France, known as the Flower of Chivalry, with a sword for its leaves and a lily for its heart. In this beautiful novel Bronwyn Tate weaves these images through the lives of ten very different people and their experiences of giving birth, of loss and rediscovery.

Leaving for Townsville: A novel

This is a novel in which you will meet some extraordinary characters – the Moxon sisters, Max Bloody Tapper – and find at least three layers of story. Outwardly, it's all quite simple – Rick has a bit of a mid-life crisis and Hazel carries on coping. But as the two work through their break-up and its fall-out – Rick in Australia and Hazel in New Zealand – events at a country swimming-hole one summer long ago begin to haunt them both.

Lily's Cupola: A novel

This gentle and imaginative novel is the story of Lily, an elderly woman reflecting on her life and family in letters to the other side of the world. She writes about her grandson who has come to stay, with grandiose dreams of building a cupola in her garden; about her husband and son, and their mid-life move from England to New Zealand; and about her passion for quilting, which radiates through the pages. And as she explores the past, the reader is drawn into a rich and surprising story

Russian Dolls: A novel

This is a novel about a woman of today uncovering the tale of her maiden great aunt and a soldier in World War I. In her search, Isla finds other family stories against which her own experience since she left home stormily at the age of seventeen reverberates.

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