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Friday 1 November 2013 12:55pm

A novel

Bronwyn Tate

lilys_cupolaWhat will you do when you see this exotic postmark, open the envelope and smell the freshness of the Southern Hemisphere? The scent of lavender from my garden, of grass, just mown, and the salinity of a gentle sea as the wind rolls in from the coast? At least you'll know I mean well.

This gentle and imaginative novel is the story of Lily, an elderly woman reflecting on her life and family in letters to the other side of the world. She writes about her grandson who has come to stay, with grandiose dreams of building a cupola in her garden; about her husband and son, and their mid-life move from England to New Zealand; and about her passion for quilting, which radiates through the pages. And as she explores the past, the reader is drawn into a rich and surprising story.

The author

Bronwyn Tate has published three novels: Leaving for Townsville (1997), Russian Dolls (1999) and Halfway to Africa (2002). She lives with her husband and children in Palmerston North, and teaches creative writing at Massey University.

'A story relying upon nuances of character, subtle shades of morality and softly enfolded secret ...' John McCrystal, reviewing Halfway to Africa, North and South

Publication details

Paperback, 256 pages, ISBN 1 877276 59 6, $29.95
Out of print

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