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Property Services is committed to helping the University become a community and national leader in terms of energy efficiency and power saving. And we're doing this by advancing an innovative campus-wide strategy that will:

  • Upgrade and improve heating systems
  • Improve the BMS (building management control system) in order to increase staff comfort and reduce energy waste
  • See new structures such as the Hunter Building and the new Psychology 3 Building built according to state-of-the-art sustainable designs
  • Maximize recycling opportunities
  • Encourage all members of the University community to 'think green' by taking simple steps to cut power usage across all campuses.

Computer monitors, for example, use up to half the power of the computer. Switching them off won't interfere with updating processes but will save power.

So go ahead: Switch off the lights. Turn off the computer monitor. Take the stairs.

Together, we can make a measurable difference - without cutting services or operations.

Power saving measures

  • Turn off lights in rooms that will be unoccupied for more than 10 minutes.
  • Reduce supplementary heating.
  • Close doors; draw curtains at night to retain heat.
  • Use stairs not lifts where possible.
  • Ensure computers, photocopiers and printers are running on energy saving mode.

ShaneJenkinsPlant and Controls Engineer

Shane Jenkins

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Andrew Miller

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