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Visitor parking

Due to the demand for parking on campus, the University of Otago is unable to provide many dedicated visitor parking spaces.

We encourage the use of on-street parking near the University campus. For information relating to on-street parking around the Dunedin campus, please visit the Dunedin City Council website.

Some departments have parks available for visitors and we recommend you contact the department you are visiting beforehand to see if parking is available.

The Clocktower Building has limited spaces available to visitors on University-related business in the Clocktower Building only.

Authorisation to park in those spaces can be arranged by contacting:

Office of the Registrar
Tel +64 3 479 8201

Leased parking

University parks are available for leasing by staff, students, departments and other University users. All parks leased by the University are allocated via a waiting list with preference generally given to staff and departments as per the University of Otago Parking Policy. Please be aware that waiting lists for University parks vary between areas of campus with the longest waiting lists generally seen for parks in the southern part of the Dunedin campus around the Hospital, School of Medicine and School of Dentistry.

How to apply

To add your name to the waiting list, please download and complete the parking application form and return it to the Parking Administrator.

Please note that the “Return via email now” button on the form is currently not functional. You will need to save the form and send it by email.

Parking application form (PDF)

Parking Administrator

Parking fees

As of 1 February 2024, parking fees for leased University parks are:

NZ $22.70 per week for uncovered parks*
NZ $28.40 per week for covered parks*

*Parking fees are reviewed annually. Costs include GST.

Unauthorised parking

Leased parks are for the exclusive use of the licensee between the hours of 7.30am–5.30pm, Monday–Friday (excluding statutory public holidays) unless signposted otherwise. Any unauthorised vehicles parked in University spaces between these hours or parked in an area not designated for parking may be removed at the owner's expense.

To report an unauthorised vehicle in a University park please contact the Parking Administrator on +64 3 479 8014 and provide the make, colour and registration number of the unauthorised vehicle along with the park number and location. Only the park licensee and those nominated by the licensee can request a tow-away from their park.

Terms and conditions

Car Park Licence Agreement – Terms and Conditions (PDF)

End of Trip Living Lab trial

What is the End of Trip Living Lab trial?

The University of Otago is looking at new ways in which we can offer greater flexibility in parking and end-of-trip options to University of Otago staff and students. The trial will commence the week of Monday, 6 February 2023, in the Arts carpark area behind 99 Albany Street, running until the end of 2023.

Map of Arts carpark area (PDF)

In this space, we are creating a full “living lab”. A living lab is an environment where we can trial various modes of transport and track the uptake. The living lab will initially include 56 carparks and four electric vehicle parks managed via the mobile parking app, Parkable. We are also planning to include electric bike charging, a starting point for hired electric scooters, and improved connectivity to public transport.

Will it affect me?

The 50+ University of Otago staff members who have allocated carparks in the living lab area will be provided with the opportunity to participate in the parking app trial from Monday, 6 February 2023.

The University Parking Administrator will ask a small number of University of Otago staff on the carpark waiting list to be casual users of the parking app. Casual users will be able to see if any allocated parks have been listed as available (for example, when the allocated user is on leave or not using their park that day) and book them through the app.

As the trial progresses, use of the parking app is expected to open up to more University of Otago staff.

More information about the trial

For more information on the trial, or to express your interest in the trial, please email us.


Partner Companies in the trial

The University will partner with various companies throughout the trial. As these companies come on board, we will provide further information and links in this section.


Parkable is a New Zealand owned parking application that helps provide users with greater and more affordable options in parking, as well as increasing the utilisation of carparks that may otherwise remain empty.

At present, around 80 University of Otago staff will be participating in the trial and using Parkable either as an allocated user (staff member with a leased carpark) or as a casual user (staff member who can book an available park through the Parkable application).

More information about Parkable


Parking Administrator

Property Services
111 Albany Street
Tel 64 3 479 8014

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