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Unfortunately, some items do get delayed, damaged or lost in transit. If you wish to enquire about or make a claim for a lost or damaged item, you must:

  1. Notify us by email to
  2. Notify us within a specific timeframe, which depends on the problem you have to report (see table below)
  3. Include all the information we need to investigate your claim or enquiry.


Timeframes for notification of lost or damaged goods are as follows:

Damaged or missing contents Within seven (7) days of delivery
Non-delivery of goods (domestic) Within fourteen (14) days following lodgement of domestic delivery
Non-delivery of goods (international) Within ten (10) days after the expected delivery time for international delivery

Required information

When lodging an enquiry you must provide us with all relevant information to enable us to investigate. This will include:

  • time, date and place of posting
  • sender and addressee details
  • evidence of the value of the item, such as the cost or replacement price, receipts or valuation notice
  • tracking number (where applicable)
  • sender's copy of the consignment note or customs declaration (where applicable)
  • evidence of loss and any damage – if the item is damaged or some of the contents are missing, you must take the item and its packaging (as near as possible in the same condition as when it was delivered) to the University Mailroom. We may keep the item while we make inquiries. In the case of an item sent overseas, the addressee should take the item to the postal authority in their country.

Processing times

We individually investigate each enquiry and claim. Because of this, resolution of your case may take some time to complete. Please expect 1 to 2 weeks to pass from your initial interaction with us before we make contact again, and longer if the issue is complex.


All enquires and claims must be sent to:


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