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Mailroom terms and conditions

By using the services provided by the University of Otago Mailroom you accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. You must notify the University Mailroom of any damage to goods within seven (7) days of delivery.
  2. You must notify the University Mailroom of non-delivery of goods within fourteen (14) days following lodgement of domestic delivery or ten (10) days after the expected delivery time for international delivery.
  3. For goods valued at over NZD$2,000 the sender must arrange adequate insurance and select “courier and signature” delivery option.
  4. If you receive compensation from the University for a lost item and the item subsequently turns up, the item becomes the property of the University until the compensation is fully refunded.
  5. The University is not liable for any claims:    
    1. received outside of the timeframes listed above
    2. due to inadequately packaged goods
    3. due to incorrectly addressed items
    4. arising from goods being sent by an unsuitable delivery method
    5. relating to damage occurring after delivery
    6. in respect of prohibited goods
    7. over NZD$2,000 total.

For further information, contact:


Lost or damaged goods enquiries and claims procedure

Mailroom guide

A how-to guide to the Mailroom's services. This PDF is  updated frequently so we recommend bookmarking it rather than  downloading it.

Parcel lodgement

Departments: Lodge parcels with the Mailroom. To register to use this service please contact us.

International parcel estimation form

Students: Receive an estimation of the cost to send your belongings home.

Lost or damaged goods

Enquire about or make a claim for goods that have not arrived, or have arrived damaged.


Frequently asked questions.

Find and contact us

Location map and contact details.

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