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Request for analysis forms

Please complete the Request for Analysis form and send either a digitally-signed electronic version of the pdf form via email, or a signed hard copy together with your sample(s) to the Centre for Protein Research.

If you are not sure which procedure is required for analysis of your sample leave the “required analysis” section blank and we can discuss this with you.

Centre for Protein Research location

Optimising sample preparation

Sample quality and sample pre-processing is crucial for the success of downstream mass spectrometry analysis and we strongly recommend discussing with us the procedure for sample preparation prior to sending your samples to the Centre for Protein Research.

The Centre for Protein Research of the University of Otago will not be held responsible for any loss of submitted samples, financial or otherwise that may arise through the use of data provided by the Centre for Protein Research. All analyses conducted by the Centre for Protein Research will be charged according to our current charging scheme for internal and external clients.

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