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Admission into Masters' Degrees

MA or MSc by Papers and Thesis (Two-year Master's)

Students who have completed a Bachelor's degree majoring in Psychology or the equivalent may apply to enrol for a Master's degree by papers and thesis, extending over two years. In the first year, five 400-level papers are completed, one of which is the Thesis Preliminary, and in the second a research thesis. Students admitted to a two-year Master's course do not need to make formal application to register for a Master's thesis after the first year.

MA or MSc by Thesis

Students applying to enrol for a Master's degree by thesis only normally do so by 10 December of the year preceding the year they plan to undertake their thesis research. However, students may enrol and commence a Master's thesis at any time during the academic year. All enrolments for a Master's thesis must have a specified start date.

Students may enrol online for a Master's degree in Arts or Science. Before final admission can be granted, students must have arranged for a supervisor within the Department of Psychology.

Apply for the Masters of Art (MA) degree here

Apply for the Masters of Science (MSc) degree here

Applicants are normally expected to have the equivalent of a First Class or a Second Class Division I Honours degree, but the decision to accept an applicant is not based on academic record alone. The availability of supervision and special research or related experience will also be taken into account.

Admission into Doctoral Degrees

The PhD degree is awarded on the basis of the submission of a research thesis. The thesis should give evidence that the candidate has the ability to carry out original research that has made a significant contribution to knowledge in the field. It is expected that some of the work in the thesis is worthy of publication. The research should be of a kind that might reasonably be expected of a diligent and competent student after three years of full-time study.

Entry Requirements for PhD Study.

Applying for doctoral study

The decision to admit an eligible applicant to study for a PhD in the Department of Psychology depends on the availability of appropriate research supervision. Accordingly, applicants are advised to contact the PhD Coordinator to determine whether supervision in the area of research in which they are interested is available. It is also appropriate for students to contact staff members with relevant research interests directly to ask about their availability as supervisors. Students may have more than one supervisor; a co-supervisor may be from another University Department, but the primary supervisor must always be a member of the Department of Psychology.

During the application process, you will be required to supply the following information:

  • Full details of previous academic record, giving grades and years, preferably in the form of an official transcript from your university
  • Details of the area(s) in which you would like to study, and an indication of the staff member(s) who may supervise your thesis
  • A statement of research experience
  • If you are from another university you should supply the names of two persons who can give a reference on your capacity to conduct research

Admission into doctoral programme

Once supervisory arrangements have been confirmed and a general topic of research determined, students may apply for admission and to enrol for the degree.

Admission involves completing a special application form available from the University website.

This is the mechanism whereby the Department and University formally accept the student as a PhD candidate. Applications for admission may be submitted at any time, and there are no late fees payable. Normally, admission is provisional for one year.

For further information about admission for a PhD in Psychology, students should consult the departmental PhD Co-ordinator.


Enrolment follows admission and thereafter takes place after the beginning of each year until the thesis is submitted. Students must be admitted and enrolled in order to be eligible to receive scholarship payments.

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