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Psychology is the discipline that seeks to understand and explain thought, emotion and behavior.

What does Psychology look at?

You will learn how humans (and other animals) interact with the world and each other. Psychology examines how our abilities change with age, and what might underlie abnormal behaviour. You will investigate how we process and store information using our senses and memory, and learn how our experiences shape our behaviour.

You will also learn how behaviour relates to the functioning of the brain, and why things such as drugs, hormone levels and lack of sleep can influence the way we behave. Applied psychologists use this knowledge to address problems as diverse as sleep disorders, industrial relations, phobias, drug rehabilitation, aircraft safety and hyperactivity.

Studying Psychology will give you the skills to understand, explain and predict human behaviour making you a great choice for employers in a diverse range of careers.

Undergraduate study

Postgraduate study (including honours)

Clinical Psychology

Psychology papers

Download the 2021 Psychology Handbook (PDF)

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