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Tuition fees are subject to annual review and changes in Government policy. Full details on tuition fee levels are available from the Fees Section of the University of Otago.

Financial support

The Scholarships Office in the Registry has available information on sources of funding and scholarship support. For Otago students, there is an annual display of scholarship material set up in Registry each year during September. For Māori students, the Māori Centre in Castle Street North has information available on Māori-specific scholarships and grants.

Scholarships and awards

For up-to-date scholarship information prospective visit the University of Otago Scholarships website.

Enquiries of an academic nature should be addressed to the PhD Coordinator at the Department of Psychology.


Demonstrators in 100- and 200-level laboratory classes are paid on an hourly basis (about 6-9 hours per week over the teaching year). Applications should be made directly to the relevant Administrative Assistant, preferably before December of the preceding year.

Diane Inder (PSYC 111, PSYC 112)
Michelle Moss (PSYC 210, PSYC 211 AND PSYC 212)
Margaret McMurtrie (PSYC 203, PSYC 204)

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