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Postgraduate Diploma

A Postgraduate Diploma is equivalent to the fourth year of an Honours degree and the course consists of 8 10-point 400 Level Psychology papers in addition to PSYC 490. It is undertaken after completing a Bachelor's degree, as a stand alone qualification.

Students who have completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology can apply for training in Clinical Psychology. The Diploma in Clinical Psychology involves at least three years of academic and professional training. Entry into the clinical programme is limited to 10 places each year.

Masters' degrees

Completing a Master's degree takes two years from the time Psychology 3 is completed. In the first year, students complete courses from Psychology 4 and in the second they complete a thesis.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)

A doctorate is the highest research qualification obtainable within the university system. Completing a PhD takes about 3 - 4 years, and involves developing, conducting and writing up original research that contributes to your chosen field.

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