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The  Office of Risk, Assurance, and Compliance helps manage the risks associated with the University's activities

The Office of Risk, Assurance and Compliance | Te Kōhanga Hōmiromiro supports the strategic themes and objectives of the Operations Division by providing services across all areas of the University's business.

  • Risk management
  • Internal audit
  • Emergency management
  • Legal compliance
  • Assurance

Te Kōhanga Hōmiromiro also plays a role in fraud prevention and managing conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of Interest

The Office of Risk, Assurance and Compliance maintains the University's conflicts of interest register in accordance with the Conflicts of Interest Policy.  A conflict of interest is the intersect of private or personal interests, and the official responsibilities, of someone in a position of trust. A perceived, or potential conflict is always treated as an actual conflict.

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