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Principal Investigators

Emeritus Professor

Recent or past students

  • Master's student Shawnee Brausch Project: To explore the stories of young Māori wāhine (women) and their relationships with alcohol. Supervisors: Richard Egan, Emma Wyeth.
  • Master's student Yasmin Hassina Bul Bul Project: The Mental Health and Wellbeing of First Year Tertiary Pacific Students: (Analysis of First Year Data). Supervisors: Richard Egan, Tai Sopoaga.
  • PhD student Salina Iupati Project: Models of Effective Community Based Specialist Palliative Care (SPC) Services delivery, international experience and the current landscape in New Zealand. Proposed model(s) to meet future demand, perspectives of SPC services. Supervisors: Richard Egan, James Stanley, Rod MacLeod.
  • PhD student Lis Heath Project: Preparing for palliative care: New Zealand medical and nursing graduates' preparation, self-efficacy and attitudes towards providing palliative and end of life care. Supervisors: Richard Egan, Rob Walker, Jean Ross, Ella Iosua.
  • Master's student Mike O'Brien Project: Meningococcal Carriage Survey among First Year University Students Living in Residential Halls. Supervisors: Richard Egan, Susan Jack, James Ussher, Ari Samaranayaka.
  • Master's student Grettel Williams Project: Building a health workforce that can meet the health needs of Pacific communities: Perspectives from leaders and health care providers of Pacific health services across New Zealand. Supervisors: Richard Egan, Rose Richards.
  • Master's student Linda Buxton Project: The Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) Environment and Sun Protection at Secondary School Rowing Regattas in Otago. Supervisors: Tony Reeder, Louise Marsh. Graduated 2020.
  • PhD candidate Bronwen McNoe Project: Addressing sun protection in an educational context. Supervisors: Tony Reeder, Kate Morgaine, Ella Iosua. Graduated 2020.
  • Master's student Brooke Craik Project:  An Exploration of Mental Health Promotion in New Zealand: A Qualitative Study. Supervisors: Richard Egan, Kate Morgaine, Fran Kewene.  Graduated 2020.
  • Master's student Julia Brillinger Project: Atmospheric Attributes of Outdoor Smoking Areas in Licensed Premises. Supervisors: Louise Marsh, Janet Hoek. Graduated 2019.
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