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Director of the Centre for Pacific Health, Associate Dean (Pacific) DSM, and Associate Professor
BSc PGDipSci MSc PhD
Research summary
Pacific health, sleep and wellbeing


Associate Professor Richards is Associate Dean (Pacific) for the Dunedin School of Medicine, Director of the Centre for Pacific Health in Va’a o Tautai, Division of Health Sciences, and convenor for the new Pacific and Global Health major in the Bachelor of Health Sciences.

There are numerous health challenges currently facing Pacific populations. Growing a health workforce which is able to work effectively with Pacific families is an important part of responding to these challenges. It is an exciting time to be involved in Pacific Health Research, with a steadily building population of talented and committed Pacific Researchers, a growing collection of models and methodologies that allow Pacific experiences to be accurately and respectfully captured and a multitude of community strengths on which to base interventions to improve health and wellbeing.

Rosalina's background is in behavioural psychology and public health and she collaborates on research across a number of areas. She is currently Principal Investigator on a HRC Pacific Project about sleep health among Pacific families and collaborates on work related to education, brain health, migration and well-being. As former co-director of the Cancer Society and Behavioural Research Unit she has published across a variety of cancer prevention areas, including physical activity, nutrition, tobacco control and supportive care.

Rosalina is also a member of the Coastal People: Southern Skies collaboration that connects communities with world-leading, cross-discipline research to rebuild coastal ecosystems.
Coastal People: Southern Skies


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