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The School of Arts is a place of intellectual discovery, human exploration and personal development

You will quickly learn that the world in which we live is larger and richer and more compelling than you could ever have imagined.

Engage with your past, present and future

  • The School of Arts is where you can encounter our past: important thinkers, great writers, decisive events, deep traditions.
  • You can engage with the present: the richness of the world's great languages and cultures; a sense of where we are on a global scale in the present moment.
  • You can prepare for the future: bringing a deepened perspective and important skills in critical thinking, analysis and insight that can change the world.

All of this helps you to understand what it means to be human. Studying the Arts will enrich your life.

Our programmes

For those who teach in the School, Arts subjects bring us alive. We want to share with you our passion for whatever subject you choose to pursue. Our programmes include:

The strength of your BA

If you're a BA student, you want to know that your BA can help you make an impact on the world. Learn more about how studying a BA at Otago can turn that dream into reality.

Study Arts at Otago

Postgraduate research

Students who undertake postgraduate study with us join a vibrant community of postgraduate students as well as an established tradition of postgraduate research.

Postgraduate research in our programmes

Whatever path you take, this is all about discovering the love of learning.

So welcome to the School of Arts.

Professor Simone Marshall
Head of School

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