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  • Steven Mills, Principal Investigator – NZD$723,000 Marsden award for a 2023 project, 3D Shape Analysis with Geometric Declarative Networks.
  • Steven Mills is an Associate Investigator – NZD$1,500,000 Marsden award for a 2022 project, Virtual/Immersive Wānanga.
  • Steven Mills is an Associate Investigator – NZD$1,000,000 from MBIE Endeavour Fund for a 2022 project, Moriori, Music, and Manawa: A Model for Cultural Preservation through Multisensory Technology.
  • Steven Mills is an Associate Investigator – $NZD4,200,000 funded by Science for Technological Innovation NSC, for a 2022 project, Ātea.


  • David Eyers – Associate Investigator, NZD$1,000,000 from MBIE Endeavour Fund, Quantifying Environmental Resources through High-Resolution Automated Satellite Mapping of Landscape Change, to 2022.
  • Stefanie Zollmann – NZD$300,000 Marsden award for her 2017 project 'Bringing 3D to home videos'.
  • Brendan McCane is an associate investigator in the Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonic and Quantum Technologies, in the Photonic Sensors and Imaging theme. His interests are in analysing the images that are created by these new sensors and technologies.
  • Alistair Knott is co-investigator on the AI and Law in New Zealand project (together with Colin Gavaghan from Law, and James Maclaurin from Philosophy). This grant, worth NZD$337,000 was awarded by the New Zealand Law Foundation, and runs from 2017 to 2020.
  • Brendan McCane, Steven Mills and Holger Regenbrecht are associate investigators in a Science for Technological Innovation (a National Science Challenge) Spearhead Project worth $2,000,000 called: "Karetao Hangarau-a-Mahi: Adaptive learning robots to complement the human workforce". July 2017–June 2019.
  • Steven Mills, Principal Investigator, $100,000 from Science for Technological Innovation NSC, 2018, for project A Light in Dark Places.
  • Haibo Zhang – Principal Investigator in $25,000 Internet NZ funded project, Accurate synchronization for coherent joint transmission to provide better mobile Internet service.
  • Stefanie Zollmann – NZD$1,000,000 MBIE research funding award. Her three-year project is called "Situated visualisation to enrich sports experience for on-site spectators". Secured September 2017.
  • Brendan McCane has an applied research contract with InterAg, a NZ company focusing on using infrared thermography for assessing animal health and welfare. The research involves in locating important parts of the animal from thermal images (e.g. their eyes or nostrils).
  • Zhiyi Huang – A Princial Investigator, $90,000 project funded by James Hume Bequest Fund, Treating depression with neurofeedback.
  • Yawen Chen's Marsden-funded project secured in 2016 is entitled 'Optical Network-on-Chips' (ONoCs): Architectures and Routing Algorithms for Ultra High-Throughput and Energy-Efficient On-Chip Communications'.
  • Michael Albert is a principal investigator in the Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonic and Quantum Technologies, on the theme Quantum Manipulation and Information. His current project ran from 2015-2016, and focussed on Quantum Debugging, and employed Matthew McKague.
  • Michael is also a co-investigator on Finding structure in sets of permutations (Icelandic Research Fund, 2014-17, PI: Dr Henning Ulfarsson).
  • Alistair Knott and Lubica Benuskova had a Marsden project, running from 2014-2017: Does language mirror the structure of sensorimotor cognition? The project employed two postdoctoral researchers: Martin Takac and Lech Szymanski.
  • Steven Mills is a consultant on a project to develop a vine-pruning robot, led by Richard Green at the University of Canterbury, also involving Lincoln University, funded by MBIE. Steven's involvement relates to computer vision aspects of the work.
  • Zhiyi Huang lead an industry-funded project 'Brain-Computer Interface for gaming' (Duration: 1 February 2015 to 31 January 2016).
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