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Nancy Longnecker has experience as an agricultural research scientist, professional science communicator and science communication academic. She has considerable experience obtaining research funding, conducting research, reporting and publishing results, supervising, mentoring, networking with industry, working collaboratively, developing curriculum and teaching. She has supervised 11 PhD, 16 MSc and 25 Honours student research projects to completion, including students from 17 different countries.

Professor Longnecker and her science communication students have created exhibitions and displays that have been seen by tens of thousands of visitors in Australia and New Zealand. She has established positive collaborations that have resulted in multiple exhibitions. Those at the Otago Museum include Dare to be Wise (a celebration of the University of Otago's 150th anniversary), Einstein, Well Balanced and Wai ora, Mauri ora.

Professor Longnecker's current research examines impact and effectiveness of science communication with varied audiences. Researchers in her group examine factors that affect peoples' attitudes towards and understanding of science and how information can be used to change attitudes and behaviour while respecting values and different sources of knowledge. Prof Longnecker has experience working with a broad range of communities, including people within primary industries, indigenous people, museum visitors and school students.

Current teaching

Research interests

  • Motivations to Participate in Science and Impact of Science Engagement
  • Different Perspectives and Ways of Knowing
  • The Value of Stories and Storytelling
  • Science Communication and its Education

Potential postgraduate projects

  • Attitudes about and valuing different sources of knowledge
  • Methodologies for evaluation of impact of science outreach and engagement
  • Sense of identity and individual response to communication of information
  • Responses to oral and text-based science storytelling

Current postgraduate student and student research

Current and recent PhD students

Current and recent MSciComm students

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