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Mission Statement

To communicate, enhance and encourage effective science community engagement and learning.

What we do

We meet every second month to:

  • Share science community engagement and learning ideas and best practice
  • Promote science as a worthy endeavour to the community
  • Promote science as a degree option at Otago
  • Review Science Horizon Scholarship applications
  • Award Outreach Certificates
  • Advocate for resourcing of science community engagement and learning

Community engagement and learning activities across the division

Brain Bee Challenge Science Academy Extras - Science Extras - Physics On Campus Experience for Māori
Junior Maths Competition Marine Studies Centre Extras - Maths Extras - Biology On Campus Experience for Pasifika
Science Wānanga Senior Science Quiz Hands-On at Otago Extras - Chemistry Extras - Technology

Committee members

  • Steve Broni (Science Academy) – Chairman
  • Professor Alaa Bekhit (Food Science)
  • Amanda Taia (Sciences – Pacific)
  • Ben Varkalis (Geography)
  • Cara Duffy (Sciences and Marketing)
  • Dr Gillian MacKay (Genetics)
  • Dianne Nyhof (Geology)
  • Angie Hughes (Development Manager Sciences)
  • Jerome Cousins (NZISF-Director)
  • Andrea Liberatore (NZISF)
  • Dr Neil Anderson (School of Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Sciences)
  • Margie Lazar (School of Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Sciences)
  • Dr Ryan Ward (Psychology)
  • Dr Judith Bateup (Microbiology and Immunology)
  • Dr Matt Larcombe (Botany)
  • Sally Carson (NZ Marine Studies Centre)
  • Hanna Ravn (NZ Marine Studies Centre)
  • Associate Professor Alexander Tups (Physiology)
  • Dr Angela Clark (Sir John Walsh Research Institute)
  • Julia Wilson (Freelance Researcher and Science Communicator)

When we meet

We meet on the last Thursday of every second month from 1:00pm to 2:00pm in the Division of Sciences, Divisional Board Room, 3rd floor Science III building or via Zoom.


If you would like to join or attend as a guest, please contact us:

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