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Department of Biochemistry

Lab workshops for Yr 13 Biology are available through the Biochemistry Department. These cover practical work that can't be done at schools, either because the equipment is expensive and specialised, or because the chemicals involved are hazardous. Contact Shar Snoeck to find out about this opportunity.


Department of Botany

The Botany Department supports the Botanical Society of Otago which sends copies of its quarterly newsletter to most secondary schools in Otago. The newsletters outline talks, field trips, workshops and other botanical events and has articles of botanical interest for the general reader. The Botanical Society also has a web page with links to many other sites of botanical interest.

2013 was international Year of Quinoa, and Associate Paul Guy ( in association with Enviro-schools locally and other Science staff) developed a set of school resources using Quinoa as the basis for biology study.

You can download the Quinoa Resources for Primary and Intermediate Schools.

There are additional suggestions for secondary school classes as well.

Check out Botany's website.

Department of Marine Science

The Marine Science department takes public education very seriously, and offers public programmes all year through the Portobello Aquarium. These include programmes for primary, secondary, and gifted and talented pupils. They also offer school resources targeted to every age group.

Visit the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre website.

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

The Microbiology department runs workshops for Science teachers in Secondary schools. At least one 1-day workshop is planned each year.

Staff are currently developing material to take into primary schools, to promote science at that age level.

Contact Judith Bateup at

Department of Zoology

Staff are available to assist with teaching units on conservation issues, and environmental management.

A number of the scientists in the Zoology department have produced reports and studies that are really useful for school projects or units of study:

Find out more about our researchers

School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences

The School of Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Sciences welcomes visits from prospective students and parents, school groups, and organisations wishing to tour the School at any time throughout the year and at the Tertiary Open Day held in May.  The School features annually in outreach programmes such as Hands-On at Otago and the Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy.

Visit the School's website for more details.

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