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Division of Sciences subjects available for undergraduate study

At school, studying science is mostly confined to studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics – either Statistics or Calculus. At University this extends out into a bewildering array of subjects, and sometimes it's hard to know which ones might be most closely related to the sciences you enjoyed at school. Use the table below to help guide you with your subject choice.

This table outlines the science subjects we offer at the University of Otago and shows which of the school subjects they most closely relate to: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

* Minor only

Subject Related subject
Agricultural Innovation Biology | Chemistry
Anatomy Biology
Applied Geology Chemistry | Maths and stats | Physics
Aquaculture and Fisheries Biology | Chemistry | Maths and stats
Biochemistry Biology | Chemistry
Botany Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Computational Modelling Maths and stats | Physics
Computer Science Maths and stats | Physics
Consumer Food Science Biology
Data Science Maths and stats
Ecology Biology
Economics Maths and stats
Energy Science and Technology Maths and stats | Physics
Energy Management Maths and stats | Physics
Environmental Management Biology
Exercise and Sport Science Biology
Food Science Biology | Chemistry
Forensic Analytical Science Biology | Chemistry
Genetics Biology | Chemistry
Geographic Information Systems Maths and stats | Physics
Geography Chemistry | Maths and stats | Physics
Geology Biology | Chemistry | Maths and stats | Physics
Human Nutrition Biology | Chemistry
Information Science Maths and stats | Physics
Land Planning and Development Maths and stats | Physics
Marine Science Biology | Chemistry | Maths and stats | Physics
Mathematics Maths and stats| Physics
Microbiology Biology
Molecular Biotechnology Biology
Neuroscience Biology | Chemistry
Pharmacology Biology | Chemistry
Physical Education, Activity and Health Biology
Physics Maths and stats | Physics
Physiology Biology
Plant Biotechnology Biology
Psychology Biology
Science Communication*
Software Engineering Maths and stats
Sport Development and Management Biology
Sport and Exercise Nutrition Biology | Chemistry
Sports Technology* Biology | Maths and stats
Statistics Maths and stats
Surveying Maths and stats | Physics
Surveying Measurement Maths and stats | Physics
Zoology Biology