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Study Exercise and Sport Science at Otago

Understanding the science of human movement and performance.

The list of benefits of exercise and sport participation on health, well-being and quality of life is continually growing. Exercise and Sport Science is an internationally recognised scientific discipline consisting of four core sub-disciplines: Biomechanics, Motor control / learning development, Physiology, and Psychology.

Our curriculum is aligned with accrediting bodies in Exercise and Sport Science providing attractive career opportunities.

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Why study Exercise and Sport Science?

Our curriculum is aligned with Sport and Exercise New Zealand, and Exercise and Sport Science Australia. AAfter completing our major you will be prepared to write the accreditation tests for these accrediting bodies.

You can combine with other majors and minors across the School to provide multiple specialisations.

We offer a practicum providing the opportunity to gain clinical, lab or field experience.

Exercise and sport also provide essential vehicles for societal life-long learning and wellbeing. The academic study of exercise and sport science will remain an important pursuit for the foreseeable future.

Career opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for graduates in Exercise and Sport Science.

Our graduates build careers in roles such as:

  • Sport scientist
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Mental skills trainer
  • Performance analyst
  • Technique analyst
  • Strength and conditioning trainer
  • Sport / health industry research and development
  • Personal trainer
  • Exercise prescription adviser

Exercise and Sport Science at Otago

Postgraduate options

We have a strong postgraduate culture and you can undertake further studies in Exercise and Sport Science.

Background required

There are no specific Year 12 or 13 level subjects required for admission. However, biology and physics are helpful. Basic numeracy skills are also recommended.


Exercise and Sport Science as a minor subject for a BA, MusB, BPA, BTheol, BSc, BCom, BEntr, BHealSc, BACom, BASc or BComSc degree

Available as a minor subject for a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Music (MusB), Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA), Bachelor of Theology (BTheol), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (BEntr), Bachelor of Health Science (BHealSc), Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (BACom), Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) or Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BComSc) degree

100-levelSPEX 102 Principles of Exercise for Health and Performance18

Three of:
SPEX 201 Biomechanics
SPEX 202 Motor Behaviour
SPEX 203 Exercise Physiology
SPEX 204 Psychology of Sports and Exercise


One of:
SPEX 301 Performance Analysis
SPEX 303 Exercise Energetics and Physiology
SPEX 304 Sport Psychology
SPEX 305 Athletic Conditioning and Rehabilitation
SPEX 317 Neural Control of Movement

 Note: Students should check the prerequisites for 200- and 300-level papers when selecting papers. 
Total 90

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