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Why study Criminology?

Criminology is currently one of the fastest growing and most popular areas of study in the social sciences internationally.

Students studying criminology have the opportunity to learn about many of the social, cultural and political dynamics that surround the social phenomenon of crime.

At the University of Otago, the Minor in Criminology provides the opportunity to study core concepts in criminology: crime and deviance, social control, crime and victimization in media and cultural discourses, the shifting boundary between what is socially considered legitimate and criminal behaviour and the wider institutional dynamics of legal systems, justice processes and institutions.

Criminology as a minor or in a Diploma for Graduates

Combine the Criminology minor with high-profile majors

Students who take the minor in Criminology will find that it provides both an opportunity to study a fascinating and relevant area of life in New Zealand and a strong support programme for some of Otago's high-profile disciplinary majors like Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Politics, or Media, Film and Communication Studies.

Diploma for Graduates in Criminology

The Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) programme is designed for graduates, and is a useful bridge to postgraduate study.The Diploma for Graduates in Criminology enables students to develop a sophisticated understanding of how crime has been defined, researched, represented and governed across time and space, and in Aotearoa-New Zealand today.

More about our Criminology programmes

Career options

Students studying criminology will be introduced to insights and debates that can help inform their future careers in law, social work, teaching, public health, theological ministry or work with NGO s.

Students will also have an advantage for careers in any aspect of the public service that is involved with policing, justice, victim support, corrections, social development or social policy.

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Individual Profiles

Otago Profile

Eman Ghandour thumbnail

After finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Eman started working as a Youth Case Worker for the Dunedin Red  Cross, focused on how best to settle former refugee youth into New  Zealand and Dunedin.
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Otago Profile


Sociology and the humanities are important subjects because they teach you about ethics.
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Otago Profile

Megan Anderson thumbnail

Megan Anderson was the first student at the University of Otago to receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Sociology.
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