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+64 3 479 7105
Senior Research Fellow
Research summary
Oral health


Dr Milne's research continues in a number of oral health areas including endodontics, periodontology and orthodontics.

Investigation of periodontopathogens and their association with angiogenic and inflammatory gene expression in dental pulp continues with the hope of improved dental treatment outcomes for smokers and patients with Type 2 diabetes. A study of a grafting material in a bone-healing sheep model and the genes associated with osteogenesis aims to advance the development of implant options for dental patients.

Dr Milne is also investigating the role osteoblasts and periodontal ligament cells play in the immune response and bone remodelling during orthodontic tooth movement.


Ram, A., Duncan, W. J., Coates, D. E., Nobakht, S., Tkatchenko, T., & Milne, T. J. (2023). Bone remodelling marker expression in grafted and ungrafted sheep tooth extraction sockets: A comparative randomised study. Archives of Oral Biology, 153, 105738. doi: 10.1016/j.archoralbio.2023.105738 Journal - Research Article

Nobakht, S., Milne, T. J., Duncan, W. J., Ram, A., Tkatchenko, T., Dong, Z., & Coates, D. E. (2023). Expression of the pleiotrophin–midkine axis in a sheep tooth socket model of bone healing. Journal of Periodontal Research, 58, 109-121. doi: 10.1111/jre.13073 Journal - Research Article

AlSamahi, S., Milne, T. J., Hussaini, H., Rich, A. M., & Friedlander, L. T. (2022). Type 2 diabetes and the clinically normal pulp: An in-vitro study. International Endodontic Journal, 55, 660-671. doi: 10.1111/iej.13732 Journal - Research Article

Itskovich, Y., Meikle, M. C., Cannon, R. D., Farella, M., Coates, D. E., & Milne, T. J. (2021). Differential behaviour and gene expression in 3D cultures of femoral- and calvarial-derived human osteoblasts under a cyclic compressive mechanical load. European Journal of Oral Sciences, 129, e12818. doi: 10.1111/eos.12818 Journal - Research Article

Perry, S. E., Huckabee, M.-L., Tompkins, G., & Milne, T. (2020). The association between oral bacteria, the cough reflex and pneumonia in patients with acute stroke and suspected dysphagia. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 47, 386-394. doi: 10.1111/joor.12903 Journal - Research Article

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