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The Molecular Biosciences Laboratory (MBL), headed by Associate Professor Brian Monk, is one of the facilities  available to researchers in the Sir John Walsh Research Institute.

The MBL is a Physical Containment level 2 (PC2) registered facility. That means that researchers are able to study risk group 2 microorganisms, including most oral pathogens, safely.

The MBL is equipped for research in:

  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Cell biology

There are individual research work spaces in a large open-plan laboratory and separate specialised equipment rooms.

Our specialised equipment includes the following:

  • Beckman ultracentrifuge for sub-cellular fractionation
  • AKTA FLPC (fast protein liquid chromatography) for protein purification
  • Applied Biosystems real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) machine for measuring gene expression in biological samples
  • Biotek Synergy 2 microplate reader that can measure the light absorbance, fluorescence, or luminescence of samples in a microtitre plate
  • Anerobic chamber for the growth of anaerobic oral microorganisms
  • Tissue culture facilities for culturing human cell lines

MBL image gallery

Programmes that use MBL

Our specialist equipment

Photo of the anaerobic chamber in the Molecular Biosciences Laboratory
Anerobic chamber for the growth of anaerobic oral microorganisms.

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