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Our fields of research, with their complementary strengths, respond to the unique needs of New Zealand.  Our local and international collaborations allow us to share, and benefit from, new discoveries. Research projects also provide outstanding learning opportunities for our students.

Biomaterials, biomechanics and oral implantology

Understanding the forces in the mouth

Biomaterials, biomechanics and oral implantology research is about understanding the oral environment.  We examine the entire system from enamel and bone to the materials and items used in clinical dentistry.

Clinical and translational research

Fostering research to improve patient care

Clinical and translational research aims to improve patient care and to achieve better outcomes for our patients.

Craniofacial research

Investigating dentofacial growth and jaw function

We study mechanisms from the molecular to population studies and translate that new knowledge to the clinical management of individual patients.

Dental education research

Understanding how students learn and fostering best practices in teaching

We  investigate a wide range of educational activities and experiences in  higher education and professional development that pertain to the  practice of dentistry in its broadest sense.

Dental epidemiology and public health

Population and dental health services research

In Dental Epidemiology we study the development of common oral conditions in the New Zealand population. In Dental Health Services Research we look at how effectively dental health systems work for New Zealanders.

Dental engineering and tissue regeneration

Finding new ways to repair and regrow tissue in the oral environment

A new research programme, Dental Engineering and Tissue Regeneration (DEnTRegen) is focused around new approaches to trigger or enhance regeneration of oral tissues, including tooth regeneration, bone and blood vessel regrowth, wound healing and stem cell therapies.

Molecular microbiology

Preventing oral diseases caused by microorganisms

Oral microbes cause disease in a large proportion of our population. In Molecular Microbiology we study how the diseases are caused, and how we can prevent  or overcome them.

Oral molecular and immunopathology

Understanding diseases in order to improve diagnosis and treatment

Our aim is to investigate the cellular and molecular basis of oral diseases and their treatment.

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