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The School is offering its superior exercise testing services and facilities to the public.

Swimmers, runners, bikers, rowers and walkers

  • Have you ever wondered how fit you really are?
  • Are you interested in improving your fitness or performance?
  • Do you want to train more efficiently?

Whether you are an elite athlete, an occasional biker or a leisurely walker, our facilities and testing services could be a way for you to better understand your fitness and elevate your performance.

Booking and pricing



For all enquiries and bookings please contact the Commercial Services team

Tel: +64 3 479 9125


Exercise testing

Basic (testing only) Standard (includes analysis and report)
VO2max NZ$140 NZ$165
Lactate Threshold NZ$160 NZ$185
Combined VO2 and Lactate NZ$190 NZ$220

The Flume and the Environmental Chamber

External to the University
The Flume per hour NZ$120
The Chamber per hour NZ$80
Gym hire per hour* NZ$25

All prices are for operation in normal working hours (8.30am-5.00pm, weekdays) and include the use of a technician to operate the equipment, bookings outside of this time will incur a $50.00 technician fee.
*For use of the gymnasiums after hours and over the weekend, please contact Recreation Services

Athlete testing services

VO2Max testing


What is VO2 Max testing?

VO2max or maximal oxygen consumption is the term used to describe the maximum amount of oxygen someone can utilise during exercise. It serves as an indicator of aerobic endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

How is this achieved?

There are various methods for predicting V02max e.g. using measures of HR or completing the 12minute Cooper Run. However, we can directly calculate VO2max by measuring gas concentrations of inspired and expired air during maximal exercise. Participants will wear a face mask and HR monitor whilst performing an exercise protocol, usually consisting of incremental exercise until the point of maximal effort or exhaustion. This test is commonly completed during running or cycling, however we can tailor tests to individual needs or sports where possible.

Lactate Threshold testing

Bike test

What is Lactate Threshold Testing?

At rest and low intensity exercise, energy is produced aerobically (with oxygen). As exercise intensity, and therefore energy demands increase, anaerobic energy systems step in. Lactic acid is a by-product of anaerobic energy production during exercise, which at certain intensities our body can convert into energy, however as exercise intensity continues to increase, lactic acid is produced faster than we can utilise it and therefore builds up in the blood. This build-up of lactic acid is associated with feelings of muscle soreness, fatigue and “hitting the wall”. Through Lactate Threshold Testing we can determine at what intensity blood lactate accumulation occurs and when it starts to rise dramatically. We can then use this information to determine how and at what intensity we should train to achieve certain goals.

How is this achieved?

Participants will perform an incremental or ramp exercise protocol and small, finger prick or ear lobe blood samples will be taken at each stage and analysed for lactate concentration. The protocol can be performed on a stationary bike, treadmill, rowing machine or in the flume- whatever is most relevant to the participant.

Group testing

Runner undertaking V02 exercise testing

If you manage, coach or are part of a team, we are able to facilitate and run group testing sessions. With a range of facilities and equipment, we can tailor testing to suit your team's needs, be it sports testing, basic fitness testing or more in depth physiological or biomechanical testing.

Swimmer backstroking in flume pool

Sports testing opportunities

  • Endurance testing
  • Sprint testing
  • Jump assessment
  • Strength testing


Testing ergometers

  • Treadmill
  • Range of cycling ergometers
  • Rowing Ergometer
  • Flume

Facility hire

The Flume

Flume pool

The flume is an 11m circulating water channel with turbines that push water in a conveyor belt-like fashion. Water speed can be altered between 0.3 and 3.6m/s to suit a range of swimming speeds- even kayaks get a good work out at top speeds! The flume not only allows us to swim at set velocities, but it also allows for easier technique analysis and coaching via built in viewing windows and cameras set up at 4 angles.

We are able to provide coaches and athletes with comprehensive footage for technique analysis or other water based activity. We are also able to carry out drag testing on water apparatus e.g. wets suits, rowing shells and surf skis.

The Environmental Chamber

The environmental chamber is a sealed room in which we are able to control both the temperature and humidity.

The chamber is heavily used for research however it is a useful tool in training especially in acclimatisation to conditions. E.g. if an athlete is due to compete in a climate different to that of Dunedin, Tokyo for instance!

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