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Paying your account

We appreciate payment within 48 hours of your appointment; we will email the invoice to your Student email after your appointment, our preferred method of payment is by Internet Banking.

If you would like to pay at the time of your appointment we accept cash, eftpos, or credit card.

We send statement reminders out every month for unpaid accounts.  Please note: If you have paid your account in the 72 hours prior to the statement being sent please be aware the payment may not be in our account at the time of sending. Please refer to our Bad Debt policy.

If you are unable to pay your account, please ask to speak with one of our Administrators, who will discuss various options with you.

Paying your account by internet banking

The University is listed as a provider with most internet banking sites, and Student Health is a bill pay option when searching under the University of Otago.

Bank Account Number: 01-1839-0944124-00

To make sure your payment gets through to us you will need to make sure you enter the following details in the reference fields:

  1. Student Health or (SHS) (in the Particulars field)
  2. Your student ID number (in the Code field)
  3. Your first and last name e.g. John Smith or J Smith (in the Reference field)

If you are unable to fit all of your details into a particular field, please ensure that at least your student ID number is included.

Please make sure that these details are entered correctly so that we can match your payment to your account.

Pay online

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