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Studholme College is one of the most easy-going residential colleges you'll find. You will always find someone around to enjoy a hot chocolate or sit with around our fire place. Our students have always been very good at looking after each other whether they are at the College or on campus.

A balanced lifestyle with an academic focus

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While Studholme's main priority is to ensure each student has the opportunity to prepare themselves well for their academic studies, we also encourage students to also be involved in some other activities for a balanced lifestyle and have some fun. This could be in a form of joining a social sporting team, volunteering for a community group or form a running or walking group.

Relax in the common room

The common room is our social hub and most of our students gather here for a break from their academic endeavours. With Sky television, pool table and table tennis, students have no problem getting to know each other in this friendly setting. The big games on sky is usually an exciting time with loud cheers and jeers dependent on which team the students are supporting.

Get involved

There are plenty of activities to select from that you can chose to be involved in. Whether it's a tramping outing for the weekend, social sports or debating, our emphasis is always to have fun.

Interfloor competition

Studholme has a fairly active intra-College competition with each of the floors trying to win the Shield in events such as the Lip Sync, Quiz Night and Talent Quest. Take the opportunity to make your Sub-Warden dance around in drag and make sure there's plenty of photographic evidence to go in the magazine so they will always remember it fondly.

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If the Arts are more your thing, there is the writing Wordsmith award and Art painting award to compete for. Who knows you maybe the next Graham Sidney or Sam Hunt.

Inter-college competitions

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Our Inter-college competition against all other Colleges is quite competitive and fun. Don't hide your talent. Step up and represent our College. Also we have our annual Battle of the Bands with Arana College, and Aquinas College for King of the Mountain soccer trophy. The more you get involved in College life, the more you will enjoy your first year at University.

Supportive and fun atmosphere

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Studholme makes living away from home easy and lots of fun, while ensuring you have good support networks. It's warm and friendly atmosphere means it's a place you'll look forward to coming home to.

Studholme has terrific, well-trained staff ready to assist you with your stay.

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