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Tala Fagasoaia 2022 imageTala Fagasoaia

Tala is the Assistant Warden at Studholme College. He works afternoons and evenings and his role includes support of College academic, volunteering, pastoral care, social and sporting programmes.

He has a Bachelor of Applied Management from Otago Polytechnic, and before arriving at Studholme he worked for the Mount Cargill Trust supporting young people with intellectual or learning disabilities.

Tala is full Samoan, and bilingual, speaking both English and Samoan. The Samoan culture and values are things that are important to him and he enjoys being involved in the Dunedin Samoan community.

Sport is also a big part of his life. He is currently coaching rugby at Zingari Richmond for the Premier level.

He looks forward to sharing his experiences with you.


Mob +64 21 279 0082

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