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Information and instructions

This GPA calculator has been designed for use by applicants for the University of Otago's Postgraduate Scholarships and Awards.

Please carefully read the following information and instructions before you complete the GPA Calculation Form by entering your name below and clicking the “Continue” button.

You should also read the University's Regulations and Notes for University of Otago Postgraduate Research Scholarships.

  1. The GPA calculator computes an overall GPA score on a scale from 1 to 9 based on the actual grades that you have achieved for the papers/courses/subjects and their respective credit values.
  2. You should enter data for relevant courses only. Relevant courses are those courses/subjects/papers at advanced levels (ie at Otago, the 300- and 400-levels) that are closely related to your field of major study.
  3. If you have a Master's degree, you should only enter those relevant 300- and 400-level courses that counted towards the award of your Master's degree, including the thesis.
  4. If you have an Honours degree, you should only enter those relevant courses at third and fourth year levels. First and second year courses should not be entered. For Otago graduates, all relevant 300- and 400-level papers must be entered.
  5. The University's standard cutting lines for the grades you enter for each paper are as follows:    
    GradePercentageGrade Value
    A+90 or above9
  6. In the credit value column on the GPA calculator you should enter the number of credit units that a particular paper is worth at  the university where you studied, irrespective of the grade that you obtained. The credit value is usually indicated on your academic transcript.
    Universities have different names for “credit units”, for example: “points” (such as at Otago), “units earned”, “unit value”, “credits”, “credit value” or “hours”.
    If your academic transcript does not provide a credit value or you have some missing credit values, then you should enter a  value of 1 (ie the figure one) for all papers.  Do not leave the credit value column blank.

Please note that due to differences in international grading schemes, international applicants may not be able to calculate an accurate equivalent GPA from this calculator.

Important Note:  The GPA calculator is intended for your own personal use only.  Please be assured that any data (including your name) that you enter into the calculator will NOT be stored electronically on any University database.  When you exit the calculator, all data will be lost.

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