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Once you've submitted your choice of papers for consideration for approval, it will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the requirements for your chosen programme. If everything is fine, your selection of papers will be approved and you will receive a message in your portal advising this.

In some cases, changes may be required or a staff member will contact you to discuss your course selection. They may also recommend that you discuss your course with an adviser. See the Course Advice website for more details.

Review the outcome of course approval

You'll be advised via your eVision portal whether your course has been approved or changes are required.

You can review your course, along with notes about any changes and information about your fees.


The last step of course enrolment is to complete a formal online declaration.

Not sure if you've picked the right programme or papers?

Talk to your Schools' Liaison Officer or make an appointment to talk to one of our Student Development Student Advisers.

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