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Course advice

The Student Development team will help you to plan your Otago degree and identify paper/points you may leave to take on exchange. They may also be able to point out the best semester/year for you to go on exchange.

How to arrange a time to meet with the Student Development team:

Department specific information

  • Law students
  • Psychology students
  • Check your department's website for specific exchange information or recommended destinations for your major.
  • When choosing your exchange destinations, select institutions where you can take the courses you need. Read the information on the institution's fact sheets and follow the links to ensure they will fit to your degree.


  • It is not guaranteed that you will get into courses you wish to take while on Exchange. Flexibility is essential!
  • If possible, take all your core papers at Otago and leave electives to be taken on Exchange.
  • You may have papers not offered at Otago credited back to your Otago degree.
  • If you only have one paper to complete your Otago degree, you may do that on exchange.
  • Your dissertation and/or thesis cannot be taken as part of your Exchange.

Which is the best semester to go on exchange?

  • Best semester to go on exchange varies according to your major(s).
  • The earliest you will be able to go on exchange is in your third semester at Otago.
  • Attend an Otago Global Information session, talk to an Exchange Adviser and meet with the Student Development team. You will then have the required information to identify which semester would best suit you to go on exchange.


What you'll pay:

  • Living costs (accommodation, food, etc)
  • Flights
  • Insurance(s)
  • Visa costs (if applicable)
  • Travel costs (holidays)

Financial assistance available to you:


  • You don't pay to apply to the Otago Global Student Exchange Programme (or to withdraw, if your circumstances change).
  • See the individual Otago exchange partner fact sheets for living costs at your preferred destination(s).
  • Depending on your destination, your living costs may be lower than living in Dunedin!

Graduate level exchange

  • If at all possible, go on exchange during your undergraduate years. There are more destinations available for undergraduate exchange, and it is a less complex process.
  • Graduate exchange may be possible. Some programmes will allow/encourage students to go on exchange, others won't.
  • If you'd like to go on exchange as part of your Honours, Master or any other postgraduate studies, you need to approach your Otago department in the first instance. Once you have your department's approval, please talk to an Exchange Adviser regarding destinations available to you. Not all destinations are available for graduate level exchange.

Further information

For further information about Otago Global Student Exchange, please contact an Exchange Adviser.

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