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The University of Otago has exchange agreements with more than 90 tertiary institutions worldwide. The student exchange programme provides an opportunity to study topics not available at Otago and to immerse yourself in another culture.

If your marks average B or better, you may qualify to attend one of these exchange institutions for one semester or a year. You pay only your New Zealand fees and complete your qualification within the same timeframe as if you had never been away.

Which universities can I go to?

Visit the Otago Global Student Exchange website if you are an Otago law student considering the student exchange programme. This site includes a list of partner universities suitable for Otago law students.

What do I need to do before going on an exchange?

You should begin by reading the Faculty of Law's one-page information sheet on exchanges and the checklist of required steps for outbound law exchange students. Also read the guideline document on exchange and substitution points. After carefully reading the information, contact the university Exchange Office for any questions, detailed information about application procedures, and deadlines.

Information sheet for Otago law students considering an exchange (PDF)
Outbound law exchange students' checklist (DOCX)
Guidelines on exchange and substitution points (PDF)

As part of the process of completing the checklist, you must have your Learning Agreement document signed by the Faculty Exchange Advisor.

To contact the Faculty's exchange co-ordinators, please email

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