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Last updated June, 2023

Academic information

Language of instruction

The University of Helsinki has nine faculties: Theology, Law, Medicine, Arts, Science, Education, Social Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine. There are many courses available in English.

Course information

Courses in English

Semester dates

  • Academic Year: September – May
  • Fall Semester: September – December
  • Spring Semester: January – May
  • Academic dates

Course load and minimum unit requirements

Full-time study is 30 ECTS per semester.

Accommodation and the cost of living


Housing for exchange students

Estimated cost of living

Cost of living

Additional information

Information for exchange students

Student visa and insurance

Information on Student Visas and Insurance for students going on exchange can be found elsewhere on this website.

Exchange Experiences

The University, City and Region

The University

The University of Helsinki (Helsingin yliopisto) is the oldest and largest university in Finland. By Scandinavian standards, the University of Helsinki is a large university, with over 40,000 members when students, teachers and other staff numbers are combined. A total of about 33,000 students in the eleven faculties make up a quarter of all university students in Finland. The University is bilingual with instruction and services offered in both Finnish and Swedish. There are also a large amount of courses offered in English. The University of Helsinki is one of the best multidisciplinary research universities in the world.

The City of Helsinki

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is the centre of cultural, financial and economic activity in Finland. It is also the northernmost capital of the European Union. Its green parks and waterways, busy market square and open-air cafes make Helsinki a pleasant place to live. In a worldwide survey Helsinki was chosen as the 6th best city to live in the world.

In addition to what the city has to offer, Finland's pristine lakes and forests are within easy reach, and its coastline is perfect for sailing, fishing and sunbathing during the long days of summer. Helsinki offers also good opportunities to cycle or canoe.

The average winter temperature is around -5C. But even during these cold months the Helsinki shoreline continues to offer possibilities for hardened swimmers. Well over a hundred thousand Finns regularly go winter swimming in an "avanto", an ice pool. Ice pool swimming is often combined with sauna, both of which are core elements of the Finnish culture. Other options for winter activities include: skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice fishing.

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