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Last updated April, 2023

Academic Information

Course Information

St Gallen courses

The University is concentrated around four main departments: Management (Business), Economics, Law and Humanities.

Exchange students can participate in an intensive German language course which is taught during the introductory week.

Semester Dates

  • Academic Year: September - May
  • Fall Semester: September - December
  • Spring Semester: February - May
  • Short Term Summer Study Programme: June

St Gallen semester dates

Course Load and Minimum Unit Requirements

  • Minimum Course: Load-30 ECTS per semester (average)
  • Maximum Course: Load-40 ECTS per semester

Accommodation and the Cost of Living


St Gallen accommodation

Estimated Cost of Living

St Gallen cost of living

Student Visa and Insurance

Information on Student Visas and Insurance for students going on exchange can be found elsewhere on this website.

Exchange Experiences

The University, City and Region

The University

The University of St. Gallen for Business Administration, Economics, Law and Social Sciences (HSG) was founded in 1898 as a business academy and enrolled its first students in 1899. The HSG, which became a business university in 1911, continues to this day to pursue the goal of providing for its students a practice-oriented education. Despite considerable expansion in the 1980s, the HSG is still one of Europe's smaller universities, although it has Switzerland's biggest business faculty. In its teaching it places great emphasis on systems theory and the importance of a broad approach to all questions. The University is situated on the hill 'Rosenberg,' overlooking the city of St Gallen, remaining close to the city centre, where the main station and the famous Abbey are located.

Universität St Gallen

The City of St Gallen and Region

St. Gallen is a small town of 75,000 inhabitants, situated in the beautiful North-eastern part of Switzerland, near to the Lake of Constance and close to the borders of Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. The city is situated within a picturesque landscape, with gentle hills, snowy peaks, vineyards, and medieval towns. The language spoken is "Swiss German". More than most other Swiss cities, St Gallen's owes its existence to the religious community that remains at its core. In around 612, the Irish monk Gallus was travelling south from the Bodensee into the valley forests. Legend has it that he either fell over, or stumbled into a briar patch, or spoke to a bear who understood what he was saying; whichever, Gallus felt he had received a sign from God, and so chose that very spot to build his hermitage. In the eighth century, a follower of Gallus named Otmar established a monastic community around Gallus's cell, and founded a school of scribes and translators, which soon became famous throughout. In the 830s, Abbot Gozbert founded the great library and St Gallen's reputation as a centre of culture and learning grew, while a town flourished around it.

The City of St Gallen

Further Information

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