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Last updated April, 2023

Academic Information

Language of Instruction

English and Mandarin

Course Information

Tsinghua SEAM courses

Semester Dates

  • Academic Year: February - January
  • Spring Semester: February - June
  • Autumn Semester: September - January
  • Tsinghua academic calendar

Course Load and Minimum Unit Requirements

  • Minimum course load: 13 credits of coursework per semester
  • Maximum course load: 20 credits of coursework per semester
  • 1 Tsinghua credit = 12 in-class contact hours = 16 Tsinghua credit hours(45mins)

Accommodation and the Cost of Living


Run by the Zijing Property Management Center of Tsinghua University, the dormitory offers three types of rooms to international students.

Accommodation Options at Tsinghua

Estimated Cost of Living

  • RMB 3,000 to RMB 6,000 per month (2018).

Scholarships available for students going to China

Student Visa and Insurance

Information on Student Visas and Insurance for students going on exchange can be found elsewhere on this website.

The University, City and Region

The University

For over twenty years Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management has been growing fast along with the reform,opening-up and development of the Chinese economy. Today we continue to strive for building a world-class school of economics and management. The School benefits from the synergy of bringing two academic disciplines of economics and management into one institution. The School is committed to the excellence of both research and teaching for the purpose of advancing knowledge and educating leaders. The School cherishes ideas and theories, and at the same time values practical solutions and actions. The School combines China roots with global reach, and works to contribute to the development of China's economy and society as well as to make an impact in the world.

The University is located in the North Western suburbs of Beijing and the campus is almost a city in itself – full of restaurants, cafeterias, stores and markets. Dining halls offering a variety of Chinese food are within walking distance of both the dormitories and the classrooms. Stores are conveniently located around campus, which provide for every facet of the student's life.

Tsinghua SEM

The City of Beijing

The Forbidden City (the Palace Museum) is one of the largest and best-preserved palace complexes in the world. It is located in the center of Beijing, China.

Built 1406-1420 during the Ming Dynasty, it had been the imperial home of 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

While the Forbidden City is linked to the ancient dynasties of China, Tiananmen Square is linked to Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution. Tiananmen Square was expanded in the 1950s so that it would hold over a million people.


Further Information

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