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Most general bachelors' degrees and many of the specialised bachelors' degrees have honours degrees allied to them (e.g. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts with Honours). They usually involve more papers in the subject of the degree and a research report or dissertation.

In most subjects, the honours degree is a postgraduate degree, requiring an additional year of study after completion of a general three-year bachelor's degree (application for the honours degree normally takes place near the end of the bachelor's degree). In other cases (particularly professional programmes), the honours degree is an undergraduate degree requiring additional work but taking no longer than the corresponding ordinary degree.

It is possible to undertake honours degrees in more than one subject, or to take a combined honours degree (involving a blend of papers from two subjects).

Honours degrees are awarded at first class, second class and third class level.

The BA(Hons), BCom(Hons), BSc(Hons), BTheol(Hons) and MusB(Hons) degrees are one-year postgraduate programmes, undertaken after completion of the corresponding ordinary three-year bachelors' degrees (BA, BSc, etc.).

Applying for an honours degree

You apply for most honours degrees towards the end of your bachelor degree programme.

The due date for applications for most honours programmes is 10 December.

See the application due dates page for other programmes.

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